As part of its mission, Dianova actively engages with vulnerable populations, including substance abuser, homeless people and migrants. However, beyond Dianova’s direct services, the organization engages in advocacy activities to change or strengthen the policies and practices that affect them.

Drug Policies
& Addictions

We are committed to bring positive changes in drug policies and reduce the stigma and discrimination for drug users and people in recovery.

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Gender Equality & Women’s Empowerment

We defend human rights, gender equality, women’s empowerment and education as an essential component of Universal Justice.

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& Migrants

We strive to strengthen the role of civil society in international organizations so they can better help migrants in vulnerability.

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Social Economy
& Third Sector

Our commitment aims to strengthen the role of civil society in international organizations.

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  • The Third Sector, for a More Just Society

    2/21/2017We are facing a huge challenge, namely to ensure a health system and social protection system that is just, supportive and sustainable in a different economic environment

  • The Third Sector and its Roots

    2/20/2017Using its qualities of adaptation and resilience; its close relationship with its environments and above all, with their capacity to make proposals, the third sector can be a major player in the construction of a more just society for the XXI century

Where do we defend this stands

Dianova believes that the best way to influence these policies is to create partnerships or alliances to capitalize on the strengths of various organizations. Through its membership in various committees and platforms, Dianova also helps promote important causes while ensuring that the needs, opinions and ideas of all stakeholders are heard and understood.

International Committees & Organizations

Dianova maintains close relationships with the United Nations and other international or transnational organizations

Federations & Networks of NGOs

Dianova is part of various platforms of NGOs active in various commissions of the United Nations.

Partner Organizations

Links to NGOs, associations, federations, sponsors, academic and other partners

Awareness Campaigns

  • #Dontletthempossessyou

    5/5/2016For Internet addicts, being connected is a priority more important than family, friends, and work; it becomes the organizing principle of their lives (...)

    campaña_ #notedejesqueteposea post ChicaRead more
  • React

    4/8/2014The campaign targets more particularly alcohol or drug users and their families, suggesting how drug or alcohol abuse can lead to the disappearance what's important to a person’s well-being and identity (...)

    Dianova's 'React' Drug Awareness CampaignRead more
  • Faces

    4/8/2006The campaign is especifically aimed at young people with a substance abuse or misuse problem (alcohol or other drugs) that makes it increasingly difficult for them to navigate their own way in society (...)

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  • Look at the Drug Problem with Different Eyes

    4/8/2004The campaign intends to modify the social regard on drug-related issues by suggesting that a number of objects or events can be interpreted in different ways (...)

    Campaña Mira el problema de las drogas con otros ojos - Dianova - pera colgando o madurandoRead more
  • Exit

    4/8/2003The video spot, which is quite somber, is aimed at young adults and adults with severe alcohol or drug problems (dependence or abuse) (...)

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