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  1. Good Practice of Health Management in the Treatment of Addiction


    Dianova Portugal, a pioneer in the area of health and social reintegration, has been certified since 2005 in the area of addiction treatment according to ISO 9001

  2. United Nations General Assembly


    The 72nd session of the Assembly opens today under the theme: “Focusing on people – Striving for Peace and a Decent Life for All on a Sustainable Planet”

  3. News from the Dianova Nicaragua Foundation


    The Dianova Nicaragua Foundation continues to support efforts to strengthen the country’s education system

  4. Preventing School-based Violence in Chile


    Dianova Chile’s program “Living Together and Preventing School-based Violence” aims to counter the increase in violence in schools in the country

  5. Good governance in Togo


    Support project to consolidate good governance and combat corruption in Togo’s Plateaux region

  6. State of Play on the World Drug Problem


    Based on the findings of the World Drug Report 2016, Cannabis remains the most commonly used drug at the global level, while amphetamines is the second most commonly used drug

  7. Seminar on “Women & Drugs”


    “Women and Drugs: From Policy to Good Practice”, a seminar organized in Rome, in June 2017

  8. Alcohol, Drugs and Addictive Behaviours


    A forum on alcohol, drugs and addictive behaviours, organized in Geneva by WHO

  9. Letter from the Director


    On the occasion of the publication of Dianova’s annual report 2016, we invite you to read this letter which provides an overview of the main events held last year

  10. Achieving Financial Sustainability


    The objectives of the workshop were to review the principal funding sources, sales of products and/or services of third sector organizations