Annual Meeting of the Dianova Network

The Dianova network annual meetings were held from June 27 to 29 in Madrid, in the presence of forty participants including delegates of Dianova member organizations and guests.

Assembly of Delegates

As is the case with any meeting of the Dianova network, the reunion was marked by a wealth of formal and informal discussions between the various professionals and managers from Dianova member organizations. One should in particular mention the variety of practices developed by professionals engaged in a common mission while having very different backgrounds and environments, as well as the presentation of several new programs and initiatives, such as the support program for people with autism in Quebec, or the Novasalud center (Chile) dedicated to a comprehensive care of patients with co-occurring substance use and other psychiatric disorders.

This year, the Assembly of Delegates of the International Organization Dianova (i.e. the supreme body of the organization, composed of delegates from each member organization) had a very busy agenda since delegates have had, among others, to rule on the approval of the 2015 annual report of the OID (click here for a summary of report in English or Spanish), as well as on the inclusion of new associate members (SPYM organization from India, Ray of Hope from Pakistan and Slum Child Foundation, from Kenya).

assembly-delegates02This latter element is essential for the development of the Dianova network as it will enable the organization to open up to other cultures and skills, while giving it greater weight and influence within international forums and organizations.

Lastly, the term of office of the Assembly Council having come to an end, a secret ballot had to be held after which the delegates of the Dianova member organizations elected the new Assembly Council for a 4-year term. It should be noted that the Council virtually achieved the gender parity target with 11 members including 5 women and 6 men. (Read an introduction by each member of the council)

Strategic orientations

assembly-delegates04The last key element of the meeting was the presentation of the strategic plans of each ordinary member of the network.


For the record, Dianova’s 2016-2020 strategic orientations were developed over a six-month period with the participation of about 30 people, both representative of the network’s member organizations and having diversified backgrounds in terms of experience, proficiency and skills. The outcomes of this endeavor have been approved at the Asembly of delegates held in October 2015. Read Dianova’s strategic orientations by 2020.

A final step was necessary to complete the  2016- 2020 strategic planning: the development of the each ordinary member organization’s action plan based on the strategic guidelines approved in October. During the first part of this year’s Assembly of Delegates, representatives of member organizations presented the outcomes of this important work (Read a summary of the process).