International Volunteer Day

Make Change Happen, Volunteer!

The International Volunteer Day takes place today December 5; it was launched by the United Nations in 1985. For organizations working with volunteers and for volunteers themselves, it is the opportunity to make their contributions visible – especially to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

This year, on this very special day, the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) program not only celebrates and recognizes volunteerism in all its facets, but pays special tribute to the participation of people in making change at all levels – locally, nationally and globally. For IVD 2014, please join us in acknowledging and enhancing people’s participation, engagement and voice, in shaping and implementing development policies and the world we want. (Read more on the UN web site dedicated to volunteers)

The experience of Dianova in Spain

Between the volunteer and Dianova there is a relationship based on exchanges; each party brings several things to the other: Dianova brings its experience and structure, while our volunteers brings their knowledge and time in the service of a common interest to achieving Dianova’s mission. Paid staff members and volunteers are two pillars essential to this mission.

This is why it is important to define a plan of action to specify the general context in which these activities are carried out and for which objectives, as well as the volunteers’ profile and  role in the organization. This policy is in accordance with Spanish law, with the "European Charter for Volunteers" proposed by Volonteurope and the "Universal Declaration on volunteering" to ensure greater consistency with the objectives of the organization.

The objective of the voluntary plan is to ensure a stable and lasting presence of volunteers to support the achievement of our mission, vision and values. To achieve this goal, we have established a volunteer management cycle, which provides a comprehensive view of all phases of collaboration.

In this management cycle:

  • We generate a space of mutual exchange to visualize all forms of collaboration between Dianova and the volunteers;
  • We set up a system of internal training and guidance tailored to the tasks required from the volunteers;
  • We guarantee that they carry out their tasks in the best, hygiene and security conditions;
  • We provide each volunteer proper credentials to identify them and allow them to carry out their mission
  • We take liability and accidents insurance to cover any related risks;
  • We bear the costs of the any volunteer task and we provide them with the means to achieve these tasks
  • We provide a certificate for the services rendered by the volunteer.

"When giving other people a bit of who we are or what is ours, we are the first beneficiaries. Our life can only be fulfilled when we share it with others.”