Opening of 3 New Centres in Spain

Asociación Dianova España reinforces its international protection program with three new centres in Catalonia and the launch of services for Madrid Salud at the Can Parellada addiction treatment centre


Dianova Spain is strengthening its social activities for people in need by opening three centres in Catalonia to carry out projects under the auspices of Dianova’s international protection program. This program is aimed at beneficiaries and recipients of international protection and temporary protection as well as stateless people.

The international protection centre of Vic was the first of the three new centres to open, last September 5, and offers 41 places. It is located in the seminary of Vic, Barcelona province, with whose owners the association has signed a partnership agreement to provide services.

In addition to this centre, Dianova Spain has another two centres in Catalonia: the international protection centre of Manresa, and the special protection centre or Catalonia.

Our centre in Manresa offers 40 places and is located inside a building belonging to an organization with whose owners the association has signed a partnership agreement to provide services.

The special protection centre is located in l’Ametlla del Vallés and provides a range of special services for vulnerable groups of people.


Financed by Spain’s Employment and Social Security Ministry, the EU Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund, and Dianova Spain, these new centres and the Dianova Madrid international protection centre offer a humanitarian response to the needs that have arisen from the forced displacement of people fleeing from their countries. In 2015 this dramatic situation affected more than 63 million people worldwide.

Our centres in Vic, Manresa and Madrid form part of Dianova’s international protection project, which aims to help beneficiaries adapt to their new environment, find employment and integrate into the host community.

Meanwhile, our special protection centre is part of a project targeted at vulnerable groups, and in particular at people with mental health problems and behavioural disorders or addictions, and people who have been tortured, raped or suffered another serious form of physical or sexual violence.

Asociación Dianova España has also launched services for Madrid City Council after winning the tender launched by the Instituto de Adicciones Madrid Salud to provide 12 places for drug addicts. Commencing September 16, this service will be provided at the Can Parellada addiction treatment center.

On a different note, during the last month Dianova Spain has presented two corporate videos. The first one coincided with World Humanitarian Day and features workers at the humanitarian shelter and  international protection programme of Madrid, describing a typical day in their work. The second corporate video was recorded at the Madrid headquarters with the aim of publicizing the social activities undertaken by Dianova. Both videos are available on YouTube.

Lastly, Dianova jointly organized two successful Erasmus Plus meetings, one in Bulgaria and another in Estonia. In both cases, the young people in attendance rated the meetings very positively as enriching experiences and highly recommended for developing social skills.

For more information about the activities of Dianova in Spain, please visit our website:

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