Our Approach

Our member organizations do not utilize a specific intervention approach but a variety of methods and means, the objective of which is to help people adopt more satisfying lifestyles, and to promote self-reliant communities.

The Network, our Foundation

The employees and volunteers of the Dianova network are committed to advancing the organization’s mission on three continents. They are confronted with a large diversity of needs on a daily basis, not only because the problems are diverse, but also because the cultures that we serve are diverse; for example, the influence of the family is stronger in Latin countries than in other places. This diversity leads us to search constantly for the most suitable solutions for our clients, utilizing approaches that have proven to work elsewhere, inside or outside of the Dianova network.

These various approaches need to be adapted, when necessary or advisable, to local realities and requirements and implementation methodologies may vary accordingly, depending on people and community needs. Our interventions approaches include, but are not limited to, general or specialized therapeutic communities (TCs), other residential or outpatient settings, on-site and outreach interventions, social housing with community support, gender-specific programs, etc.

The Dianova Network and Dianova International

The Dianova network consists of, and is fuelled by, interactions between Dianova International and its members. It is an ongoing exchange process in which member organizations enrich the network with their experiences, know-how and unique projects, while Dianova International provides internal consulting services tailored to its members’ specific needs, including communications strategies, legal and financial matters, human resources, management, training, and general organizational development.