1. Letter from the NGO Committee on Migration


    A call to condemn the decree banning refugees and travellers from several Muslim-majority countries

  2. 2016, A Year-long Commitment


    A summary of the activities realized in 2016 by the team of Dianova International (OID)

  3. Combating Anti-Muslim Discrimination and Hatred


    A call to change the narrative on the stories of Muslims and other migrants around the world

  4. Dianova’s Commitment to Gender Equality


    Gender equality: An interview with Montse Rafel, Director General of Dianova International

  5. Civil Society Meeting at UNESCO


    The International NGO conference associated with UNESCO addressed the challenge of the digital revolution for NGOs

  6. V WFTC Institute


    Approval of the Declaration of Majorca, a set of actions, recommendations and agreements of the members of the WFTC

  7. International Migrants Day


    A message from William Lacy Swing, Director General of the International Organization for Migration (IOM)

  8. When the Poor Prey upon the Poor


    Jordi Alos, Director of Dianova Uruguay, describes his visit to the Korogocho (Nairobi) neighborhood during his stay in Kenya for the high-level meeting of the Global Partnership for Development

  9. Meeting of the Global Partnership in Kenya


    Agenda for sustainable development: Dianova participates in the Global Partnership meeting in Nairobi as a representative of civil society organizations

  10. Problematic Internet Use


    The article by Ivone Patrão aims to present clinical experience gained from interventions with young people engaging in problematic internet use and their families.