1. Orange the World


    Press Release – Dianova encourages politicians, businesses and society to “orange the world” to eradicate violence against women

  2. Opioid Addiction Treatment: the Experience of Brightpoint Health


    Innovative Approaches to Expanding Access to Medication-Assisted Treatment in primary care and community settings for people with opioid use disorder

  3. The Real Reason Some People Become Addicted to Drugs


    Why do they do it? This is a question that friends and families often ask of those who are addicted

  4. An ethical dilemma for doctors: When is it OK to prescribe opioids?


    America’s opioid crisis is getting worse. The role of prescription opioids has both the medical establishment and the government justifiably worried

  5. Marsha B’s Speech to the UNGASS 1998


    We need to bring repressive drug policies to an end and to promote approaches grounded in human rights

  6. 27th IFNGO World Conference


    27th IFNGO World Conference in Macao. During the 2nd plenary session, Dianova will present the benefits of choosing quality guidance in treatment

  7. Opioid Crisis: Declaring a Health Emergency is not Enough


    Communiqué de presse – Dianova International juge insuffisante la déclaration d’urgence sanitaire du président Trump visant à lutter contre l’épidémie d’opiacés aux Etats-Unis

  8. Greed and Addiction


    Can we afford to fight the opioid crisis? With the devastation meted out from the epidemy, perhaps the most appropriate question is “can we afford not to?”

  9. The Opioid Epidemic in the US – Infographic


    Infographic – five questions to better understand the opioid crisis in the US: situation, causes, consequences and possible solutions

  10. Has America Overdosed on Opioids?


    Opioid use is spreading like wildfire throughout American society