1. ECLAC – The Role of Civil Society in the 2030 Agenda


    The effective impact of civil society organizations in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals was among the topics discussed at the ECLAC meeting in Chile

  2. Bringing Rural Women and Girls to the Centre


    Addressing the needs of rural women and girls is an imperative asset to our world and global economy

  3. 4th meeting of the Partners for Review


    Dianova strengthens partnership for the monitoring and review of the Sustainable Development Goals

  4. Poverty vs. Empowerment of Women in Kenya


    Slum Child Foundation, an associate member of Dianova International, has created a successful microcredit program that helps women start a business

  5. Death Penalty, a Solution to the Opioid Crisis?


    Overdoses increased by 30% between 2016 and 2017;  in order to face the crisis, the White House might consider following the “example” of Philippines

  6. Lessons from CSW62


    Leaving no one behind on gender equality includes making all necessary efforts to improving all aspects of the living conditions of women and girls from rural communities

  7. “Millions of Girls Never Set Foot in the Classroom”


    Young girls living in rural communities are especially at risk because of lack of education, ingrained harmful practices, and gender-specific violence

  8. Rural Women and Technology


    Becoming part of the digital world is crucial to empowering women and girls who can learn marketable digital skills, create career pathways, and go beyond gender stereotypes

  9. Women and Mental Health


    Destigmatizing mental illness and opening paths to recovery for rural women

  10. Action for Rural Women and Girls


    The 62th Commission on the Status of Women agrees on a strong plan to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls in rural areas