1. “Addiction is not a Personal Choice!”


    Montse Rafel, Director General of Dianova International, tells us about the campaign “Bringing addiction stigma to and end”

  2. Stigma: “We are people, period”


    Dianova aims to end the rejection suffered by people with substance use disorders

  3. “Bringing Addiction Stigma to an End”


    Dianova International Network Launches Campaign to End the Stigma of Addiction

  4. OAS General Assembly


    Democracy and Human Rights were in the center of the discussions at the 48th General Assembly of the Organization of American States

  5. Voices of Youth Against Gun Violence


    Forum on gun violence brought together students and experts for a meaningful dialogue at the United Nations

  6. Advocating for migrants’ rights at the United Nations


    In critical moment for the protection of migrants and refugees, Dianova has been at the forefront of advocacy efforts with the organized civil society in New York

  7. Dianova to Launch a Campaign on Stigma


    The campaign will focus on how stigma impacts us all, and how it could very well be the single largest contributor to the mortality rates due to substance abuse disorders

  8. RIOD Celebrates its 20th Anniversary


    The Ibero-American Network of NGOs working on Drugs and Other Addictions RIOD, celebrated its two-decade anniversary in Madrid

  9. “Free and Equal” – World Day against Homophobia


    Dianoval supports the United Nations campaign “Free and Equal” and calls on the global community to ensure equal treatment LGBTI people

  10. Civil Society Hearing on cannabis at the INCB


    Civil society representatives present their views on the use of cannabis for medical and non-medical purposes to the Board members of INCB