1. Immediate Responses to the Opioid Crisis


    Civil society organizations call for greater coordination in action to prevent overdose and effectively align with local governments

  2. Promoting Safety and Dignity for Migrants and Refugees


    We will continue to advocate policies and programs that protect migrants and refugees from xenophobia, promote their human rights and dignity, and support their integration

  3. Together for Migrants and Refugees


    Students and academics play a key role in promoting the inclusion of migrants and refugees into communities

  4. Private Sector’s Role in Implementing SDGs


    Le secteur privé peut aider à la réalisation de l’objectif 16 grâce à sa capacité à construire une stabilité économique, à lutter contre la corruption et à promouvoir les droits humains

  5. Opioid Crisis, Is America on the Road to Recovery?


    2017 ended without news in terms of financing to alleviate this crisis; now everyone looks to Congress

  6. What do we know about marijuana’s medical benefits? Two experts explain the evidence


    At the moment, we just don’t know enough about cannabis or its elements to judge how effective it is as a medicine.

  7. Children: Victims of Violence against Women


    Every year, 275 million children around the world are victims and witnesses of assault and abuse towards their mothers. Stress, stunted growth, eating disorders and even drug use and suicide are just some of the effects domestic abuse can have on children

  8. Gender Equality and Health


    Introduire une perspective de genre comme instrument de réduction des inégalités sociales en matière de santé

  9. A Silent “Colleague”: Violence against Women in the Workplace


    Beaucoup de femmes n’osent pas dénoncer leur agresseur de peur de perdre leur emploi ou par crainte des représailles

  10. School, a Place of Violence and to Prevent Violence


    Every year, an estimated 246 million children suffer school-related violence and girls are the first victims of these abusive situations