1. Rural Women and Technology


    Becoming part of the digital world is crucial to empowering women and girls who can learn marketable digital skills, create career pathways, and go beyond gender stereotypes

  2. Women and Mental Health


    Destigmatizing mental illness and opening paths to recovery for rural women

  3. Action for Rural Women and Girls


    The 62th Commission on the Status of Women agrees on a strong plan to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls in rural areas

  4. Dianova Elected at the VNGOC


    Dianova International becomes part of the VNGOC Board which confirmed its commitment to represent all members of the organization

  5. Dianova’s Parallel Events at the CND


    Advances in addiction treatment, relevance and effectiveness of the therapeutic community (TC) treatment model and drug awareness campaigns were among the topics promoted by Dianova at the CND

  6. Human Rights and Quality Standards in Drug Addiction Treatment


    The side event at CND61 addressed the issues of access to treatment, the undesired consequences of drug policies, children’s rights, mainstreaming the gender perspective and balanced drug policies

  7. Environmental Education Day in Chile


    Dianova Chile organized a reflection day on environmental and outdoor education with teachers and other concerned parties

  8. Dianova at the CSW62


    With new and renewed partnerships, Dianova took an active role in five events during the 62th Commission on the Status of Women

  9. What happened at the CND61?


    The organized civil society is now playing an important role at the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs

  10. CND61

    Manifesto in favour of Therapeutic Communities


    This joint statement was delivered at the special event “Shedding light on the science of therapeutic communities”, held on March 13 at the Commission on Narcotic Drugs, in Vienna