1. Amendement 64 paved the way for marijuana regulation

    Marijuana Policy : Let’s Open the Debate


    Marijuana is by far the most widely consumed illicit substance in the world. In European Union, it has been estimated that marijuana has been used at least once by one in four of all 15- to 64-year-olds. In view of the scope of the phenomenon, it appears reasonable to question policies that are obviously ineffective. However, should we go as far as to regulate marijuana use? In any case this is the approach adopted by some. Rightly or wrongly? Let’s open the debate.

  2. We’re Back on the Social Media!

    We’re Back on the Social Media!


    After a period of inactivity on the social media, we decided to come back to offer new avenues for reflection and debate. Each month we will choose (or you will choose with us) one or more topics to discuss, whether or not oriented to the news. February will focus, inter alia, on the issue of marijuana decriminalization or legalization.

  3. Dianova Greetings



    (Click on image to launch video) "Igual que un árbol crece buscando la luz, Dianova acompaña a las personas para que encuentren su camino por sí mismas" "As a tree grows in search of bright light, Dianova accompanies people to help them find their way by themselves" "Tel un arbre qui grandit vers toujours plus… Read more »

  4. Official EFR certification ceremony in Madrid

    Dianova in Portugal Receives EFR Certification


    On November 11th, an official ceremony was held in Madrid (Spain) to award the auspicious, 2013 EFR Social Economy certification  in the presence of the Spanish Minister of Health, social Services & Equality, Mrs. Ana Mato and of the President of the Másfamilia Foundation, Mr. Antonio Trueba. Ms. Montse Rafel, member of the board of directors of Dianova in Portugal accepted the certification on behalf of Dianova in Portugal, one of the 66 newly certified organizations.

  5. Representatives from Dianova Sweden visit Can Parellada TC (Spain)

    Exchanging & Improving Intervention Practices in Dianova TCs


    As part of the ongoing collaboration between the Dianova network member organizations, representatives from the organization's Swedish branch traveled to Can Parellada Therapeutic Community (Barcelona, Spain) to meet local treatment teams and review cooperation modalities.

  6. Dr Hugo España, Addiction Specialist

    “We can all be Addicts”


    Interview with Dr. Hugo España, addiction specialist and toxicologist by Amalia del Cid (first published on La Prensa.com.ni ) –

    Addiction is a risk of everyday life, but sometimes we do not understand it. As human beings, almost any human behavior can turn into an addiction, even a passion for soccer, Dr. España explains. In his opinion, this process is not only influenced by our genes but also by our experiences, our emotional voids, as well as certain substances called neurotransmitters, responsible for opening and closing specific "gates" in our brain.

  7. "Thinking Outside the Box"

    “Thinking Outside the box ” – Innovative Practices in Addiction Treatment for Adults


    Innovative Practices : The project "Empowering My Life” to be published in a collective work this fall in Canada.

  8. Workshop - Dianova International Gathering in Rome

    Dianova Member Organizations International Gathering in Rome


    From September 26 to 28, about sixty guests and delegates from the Dianova network member organizations met in Rome for the network's annual gathering and assembly meeting. The first two days were devoted to the ninth edition of Dianova's 'Management & Development' training session, while Dianova International's formal assembly meeting took place on Saturday morning.

  9. 'Solidarity Day' at Catalunya en Miniatura theme pak

    2nd Solidarity Day at “Catalunya en Miniatura”


    On Sunday, September 15, the Catalunya en Miniatura theme park will celebrate its second "Solidarity Day", the objective of which is to collect funds in support of the Esther del Rio-Las Marias college in Nicaragua.

  10. A Dianova work meeting in Sweden

    Dianova in Europe – Work Meeting


    From August 8 through 11 a work meeting on addiction treatment was held in Stockholm (Sweden), involving the participation of senior managers from Dianova in Portugal, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Dianova International. Thanks to the warm welcome and professionalism of the Dianova team in Sweden, the especially intense meeting work program has been duly fulfilled in order to provide Swedish service users with better service quality in Dianova’s various host organizations in Europe.