International Protection Programme

The overall objective of the International Protection Programme, PPI, from Dianova Spain, is to take on and assist people who are applying for or receiving international protection, status of statelessness, or temporary protection.

The programme takes on those who qualify under Regulation (EU) No. 516/2014, of the European Parliament and the Council on 16th April 2014, as it is established in article no. 5.

Project Details

70 places

Capacity of reception centre

3 phases

Reception, integration, self-reliance

6-9 months

Maximum duration of programme

Key Elements


In the initial phase, those persons taken on are evaluated and categorised according to their needs, and their judicial, socioeconomic, and psychophysical status. The integration phase begins when individuals leave the centre, and the objective of this phase is to facilitate integration into Spanish society and culture. Finally, the last phase is dedictated to promote self-reliance and independence.


The organisation’s multidisciplinary system pursues the following approaches in the programme: a focus on gender and equal opportunities, and approaches based on environmental sustainability, human rights, diversity and interculturality, entrepreneurial culture, and evaluation culture: monitoring and control.

Action taken

The programme deals with information and orientation, social intervention, temporary accommodation, psychological attention, legal assistance, translation and interpretation, and employment, with personalised integration itineraries.

Entities Involved

Dianova Spain’s international protection programme (PPI) is financially supported by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security (Spain), the European Fund for Asylum, Migration and Integration, and association Dianova Spain.