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  • UNiTE to End Gender-based Violence

    Our objective is to help achieve the 2030 Agenda’s vision in relation to gender equality: “achieve a world in which all women and girls enjoy full gender equality and all legal, social and economic barriers for their empowerment have been removed”

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  • Improving Family Communication

    A successful prevention action is not only based on well-designed posters or television ads, but also on the willingness of those most interested, the families, to implement simple things: listening and talking with their kids, sharing with them moments of pleasure, culture, or discovery.

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  • Reducing Vulnerability to Substance Abuse, One Slum at a Time

    In the major slums of Nairobi, Kenya, substance abuse has been rising dramatically among children, youth and women, causing alarm among stakeholders since those concerned belong to an age group upon which the metropolitan city depends heavily for its development and growth.

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