The Dianova network operates on three continents and contributes to the development of people, communities and organizations through different programmes and interventions in social and humanitarian fields.

We operate in the following countries: Canada, Chile, Italy, Nicaragua, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, US and Uruguay. In addition, 4 organizations have become associate members of the Dianova Network in Slovenia, Pakistan, India and Kenya (Click on their respective countries for a summary of their actions)

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Some of our projects or activities

  1. Renovation Project of the Europeo Hotel

    Renovation and modernization of the infrastructure, facilities and equipment of the Europeo hotel (Managua, Nicaragua), a not-for-profit establishment whose profits help support social...

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  2. Psychosocial Support Centre in Lisbon

    "Facilitating access to an emotional and relational well-being" - interview with Ana Catarina Baptista, Clinical Psychology and Psychology of Emotions...

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  3. Dual pathology: the Chanaes Residential Centre

    Severe mental health problems are frequently an obstacle to being admitted in addiction treatment programs Chanaes is a residential public center...

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  4. poster del proyecto dawap

    Drug Addiction Awareness Project for Adults (DAWAP)

    The objective of the project is to promote awareness in adults about drug addiction. The project includes a short film competition organised via...

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