Dianova Canada

Established in 1989 Dianova Canada develops residential and outpatient treatment programmes as well as two buildings dedicated to social housing with community support. In addition Dianova is now operating a unit which specializes in the care of people  with Autism Spectrum Disorders – Severe Behavioural Disorders (ASD).

The addiction treatment centre located in Terrebonne (Quebec)

The addiction treatment centre located in Terrebonne (Quebec)

Dianova Canada in 2016

40 collaborators

Women: 65%, men: 35%

22 volunteers

Participate in activities on a regular basis

4 facilities

2 residential centres, 2 buildings for social housing services including one with administrative and intake and evaluation services

432 people served

By Dianova Canada’s programmes in 2016

Intervention Areas

  • Addiction services: intake, evaluation and referral service
  • Residential addiction treatment for adults
  • Support to social and vocational integration
  • Social housing with community support
  • Residential care for patients with autistic disorders/severe behavioural troubles
  • Psychosocial assistance

Addiction services

  • Addiction treatment centre for adults: 211
  • Multifunctional bed unit (support to detoxification): 101
  • Residential support programme for people receiving substitution treatment: 19

Other services

  • Social housing with community support (2 rooming houses): 43
  • Residential care for patients with autism spectrum disorders/severe behavioural troubles: 6
  • TAPAJ reintegration instrument (alternative employment paid per day): 71

Certifications & Accreditations

Dianova Canada is a member of the Quebec Association of Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Centres (AQCID) and the Terrebonne residential  centre is certified by the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services

Contact Information

  • Address: Dianova Canada, 1273 rue Saint André, Montréal, QC, H2L 3T1 (Canada)
  • Web: www.dianova.ca | Dianova Canada sur Facebook
  • Tel: 514 875 7013 | Toll free: 1 877 528 5541  |  Fax: 514 875 5871

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