Fundación Dianova Chile

curico-chileDianova Chile is dedicated to support people struggling with alcohol and substance abuse or addiction, through its prevention, rehabilitation, and social integration programmes.

The Dianova staff comprises multidisciplinary teams of professionals, technicians, and people who have been through the recovery and rehabilitation process.

Our engagement in this country at a glance


Opening year


Employees and collaborators

6 facilities

3 residential centres, 2 outpatient facilities, 1 office for information and referral services

1,617 people

Served in 2015

Addiction Programmes

  • Residential program with a gender-sensitive approach for adult women with or without children: 143
  • Residential program for adolescent offenders with drug/alcohol abuse: 59
  • Intensive outpatient program for adult women: 43
  • Outpatient program for adult men and women: 19
  • Intake, evaluation and referral services: 47
  • Consultations in mental health: 591
  • Emergency calls: 64

Education & Training

  • School-based intervention programmes (prevention, quality of life, leadership) - Technical education assistance: 46
  • Intervention programmes in universities (students in education): 165
  • Educational Park (experiential learning): self-management and teamwork for the teachers of municipal schools: 40
  • Intervention programmes at the workplace: 400

Certifications & Accreditations

Dianova Chile has the following certifications and accreditation: The National Service for the Prevention and Rehabilitation of Drug and Alcohol Consumption (SENDA), The Ministry of the Interior and Public Security, and we are included in the Public Registry for Educational and Technical Assistance (ATE) administered by the Ministry of Education.

Some of the projects or activities currently running in Fundación Dianova Chile

  1. Programme for Women with Dependent Children

    On the premices, a kindergarten provides the children with a safe, tranquil, notwithstanding stimulating environment which helps them to grow up...

    Program for women with dependent children Read more