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“Make no mistake. There’s a problem. But there’s also a solution”

The Slovenian association “UP” is dedicated to helping substance abusers and their families; it is a non-governmental, apolitical and non-profit organization with status of public utility and working in the field of social protection.

Thanks to the commitment of its employees and volunteers, UP has become one of the leaders in the field of addiction treatment and prevention in Slovenia.

Intervention areas

Addiction treatment and prevention: social rehabilitation, social integration programme, individual professional counselling for adults substance abusers and adolescents experiencing drugs

Drustvo Up at a Glance


Opening year

5 + 26

Collaborators and volunteers

2 facilities

1 head office and 1 rehabilitation centre


People served in 2016

The Activities of Drustvo Up

The UP association provides detailed information on addiction problems and treatment options. Individual interviews are held at the organization’s headquarters in Ljubljana or in the centre of Trbovlje.

Self-help groups aim to help substance users and their families starting from the first contact with the addiction problem. The groups are dedicated to facilitating a better understanding of the situation and to reinforcing people’s motivation. In addition, they provide assistance in the planning and implementation of treatment plans.

The UP association facilitates access to various treatment centers located abroad through its collaboration with Dianova, and for people whom may benefit from a withdrawal from at-risk environments. After completion of the treatment programme, people may integrate the association’s reintegration program. UP takes care of all steps necessary before the admission in the treatment program (individual meetings, reinforcement of motivation, administrative arrangements) and maintains a close relationship with Dianova’s  counsellors throughout the programme.

UP offers a six-month residential rehabilitation programme with a possibility of extension. The day programme runs from Monday to Friday and is aimed at ex-drug users. The programme provides support for rehabilitation and support for a drug free life. Participation of families, carers and other key people is recommended.

The individual or group counselling programme is dedicated to addressing he needs of people having completed the reintegration phase (or after an early dropout). It supports the acquisition of new skills, experiences or relationships, through educational debates, sports and cultural activities, etc.

This one-year programme aims to help participants to live drug free. It is aimed at minors and young adults who abuse marijuana, alcohol, synthetic and other illicit drugs and are at risk of more frequent use and addiction. The basic selective prevention programme is addressed to young people who present a high risk of developing an addiction to such substances and to present addiction-related problems such as school dropout, problems in their social environment, mental health issues, homelessness, diseases and delinquent behaviour.

An educational and awareness-raising conference programme by experts in various areas related to addictions – free of charge and open to the public.

The UP association also carries out a variety of advocacy activities aimed at improving the support provided to substance abusers and their families: participation in the preparation of the law on the prevention of drug use and the treatment of users, other legislative proposals , Etc.


  • Associate member of Dianova International
  • Programme supervision by Slovenia Social Chamber

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