IZSATU – Turkey

IZSATU – Izmir Sağlik Turizmi Dernerği

IZSATU – Izmir Health Tourism Association aims to contribute to the study, investigation and development of the infrastructure, opportunities and potentials of health tourism in Turkey and more specifically in the Izmir region.

Representatives of Dianova International and Izsatu

Representatives of Dianova International and Izsatu during a visit of the organization in Turkey – Photo: Dianova

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The Izsatu association aims to make Izmir a magnet for health tourism. Its mission is to: contribute to research in health tourism; cooperate with institutions and organizations related to health tourism; and contribute to tourism in general by improving health tourism.

The association is currently working to establish addiction treatment centres in Turkey.


  • Carry out studies on health tourism
  • Conduct studies on thermal tourism and wellness activities
  • Conduct studies on tourism for the elderly or disabled persons


  • Affiliate member of Dianova International
  • Founding Member of The Federation of Health Tourism Associations of Turkey (TURSAF)

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