Fundación Dianova Nicaragua


The Dianova Foundation in Nicaragua develops social action and cooperative development projects directed at poor, at-risk youth through programmes for education, addiction prevention and community development.

To accomplish its mission, the Foundation uses the Esther del Río-Las Marías Educational Centre, affiliated since 2010 with UNESCO’s Associated Schools Project Network. In addition, the Foundation operates the Europeo Hotel in Managua whose proceeds are used to finance social projects.

Our engagement in this country at a glance


Opening Year


Employees and collaborators

2 facilities

1 educational centre, 1 hotel

380 people

Served en 2015

Education services

  • In-kind donation (school equipment) to the Ratipura education centre: 90
  • Implementation of a biology and chemistry educational laboratory with MINED: 288
  • Vocational training project implemented with the National Hotel School (ENH): 2

Other activites

Responsible tourism

  • Signing of agreements with the Association of Nicaraguan tourist guides and the National Hotel School in order to promote the development of responsible tourism in Nicaragua,
  • Presentation of the responsible tourism concept in tour operators and other professionals

Review and analysis of community needs

  • Study of the social needs of the local communities, followed by an analysis of the areas of intervention that could be developed in the future: women’s empowerment and gender equality, education, youth welfare and community development through responsible tourism.

Certifications and Accreditations

In Nicaragua, Dianova works jointly with the Ministry of Education (MINED) and the Tourism National Institute (INTUR)

Some of the projects or activities currently running in Fundación Dianova Nicaragua

  1. Renovation Project of the Europeo Hotel

    Renovation and modernization of the infrastructure, facilities and equipment of the Europeo hotel (Managua, Nicaragua), a not-for-profit establishment whose profits help support social...

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