Associaçâo Dianova Portugal

Founded in 1984, the Association Dianova Portugal has since been specializing in addiction treatment, prevention and reintegration, social and community development, psychosocial support and counseling, and training activities for individuals and organizations. In addition, Dianova Portugal develops community-based, health promotion initiatives.

Training session at Quinta das Lapas facility

Training session at Quinta das Lapas facility (Torres Vedras, Portugal)

Dianova Portugal in 2016

35 collaborators

Women: 48%, men: 52%

26 volunteers

Participate in activities on a regular basis

6 facilities

1 head office, 1 residential centre (addiction services) 1 reintegration apartment, 1 reintegration enterprise, 1 training centre, 1 psychosocial help centre

13,974 people served

By Dianova Portugal’s programmes in 2016

Intervention Areas

  • Evaluation and assessment services (addiction)
  • Residential addiction treatment services (drugs and alcohol)
  • Social and vocational reintegration programmes
  • Family interventions
  • Community-based prevention and health promotion initiatives
  • Social support and community development
  • Psychological support
  • Training programmes

Addiction services

  • Evaluation and referral services (Psychosocial support centres of Lisbon and Quinta das Lapas): 177
  • Residential addiction treatment programme (drugs and alcohol) in Quinta das Lapas therapeutic community : 70
  • Reintegration programme (Quinta das Lapas TC): 24
  • Social reintegration programme in halfway house : 12
  • Support to reintegration initiative "Clique Solidario/Punto Internet": 219
  • School-based awareness raising and prevention activities: 310
  • Community-based awareness raising and prevention activities (Mocktails 2016): 3,686 young and adults

Other services

  • Information initiatives in universities: 8,945
  • Workplace and private training sessions (certified): 44
  • Outpatient psychologic care (Psychosocial support centres in Lisbon and Torres Vedras): 133
  • Social support and community development "Espacio solidario": 114
  • Family interventions (family groups or one-on-one basis): 240

Online Addictions Awareness Campaign

DontLetThemPossessYou campaign

The campaign draws a link between being hooked on your mobile phone and being possessed by an evil spirit

An innovative social advertising campaign was launched on the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, on 26 June. The #DontLetThemPossessYou campaign was designed by advertising professionals in a pro bono collaboration, and then submitted to an international advertising competition.

Dianova Portugal launched the campaign through various channels both on- and offline, but also via the press and television, photo exhibitions, awareness-raising sessions with young people, and contact with researchers in this area. Thanks to the many partners it attracted, the campaign reached out to 1,367,868 young people and adults.

Drug Policy in Portugal

This video explains how Portugal managed to successfully tackle a severe drug crisis through a public health approach based on the decriminalization of drug use and harm reduction initiatives. On the downside however, access to abstinence-oriented treatment programmes can be difficult. View Dianova’s horticulture-based, on-the-job reintegration enterprise at 11mn 26s.

Main Certifications & Affiliations

Social solidarity institution of public utility – Directorate General of Employment and Work Relations (DGERT) – CCPFC (Scientific and educational board for continued training) – Registered as a health agency (ERS) – Accredited as a hosting institution by the Refugee Support Platform (PAR) – Member of the Portuguese Federation of Private Addiction Institutions (FETO) – Registered to the transparency registry of the European Commission and European Parliament – Registered to the Department of Economic & Social Affairs of the United Nations Economic & Social Council – ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Certification for treatment and reintegration services

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Contact Information

Some of the projects or activities currently running in Associaçâo Dianova Portugal

  1. Mocktails, a Health Promotion Initiative.

    The objective of the initiative is to raise awareness of consequences of alcohol and substance abuse, including school dropout, increased anxiety or...

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  2. Social Reintegration Enterprise: Dianova’s Plant Nursery

    Good practice for the social reintegration of former drug users in Portugal The Dianova Viveiros de Floricultura plant nursery in Portugal was founded as...

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