Dianova Idell Förening

dianova-swedenDianova Sweden focuses on the evaluation and referral of people who have substance abuse problems, as well as prevention and awareness activities, reintegration and post-treatment follow up. In addition, it collaborates with other organizations working in the field.

Collaboration agreements with the Dianova network allow clients to undergo their treatment programmes outside of Sweden in the countries where members of the network operate (Italy and Portugal)

Our engagement in this country at a glance


Opening year


Employees and collaborators

1 facility

1 intake and reintegration centre

16 people

Served in 2015

Addiction treatment services

  • Residential programme for adults (Sweden)
  • Residential programme for adults (abroad)

Certifications and accreditations

Dianova Sweden has the following certifications and accreditations: Socialstyrelsen (Health and Welfare National Board, a governmental organization), 1 regional admissions agreement (Scanie), 13 agreements in the Stockholm region, 1 agreement with the city of Stockholm