Dianova USA Inc.

Dianova USA is a non-profit organization with status 501 (c) 3, whose main activities, in collaboration with Dianova International, focus on advocacy in areas such as addiction, empowerment of women, immigration and sustainable development. Dianova USA is also dedicated to raising funds to help develop some of the Dianova Network’s social projects.

Commission on the Status of Women, New York

Saionara König-Reis and Nuria Adeva at the Commission on the Status of Women, New York, March 2017

Delegation in New York

After an initial agreement with Dianova International in 2014, an additional agreement has been signed in 2015 with the United Methodist Church. Under the terms of this agreement, Dianova opened an office located opposite the UN headquarters and recruited a person in charge of international relations.  Dianova has since maintained an active presence in the meetings organized by the UN or the Organization of American States and reinforced its capacity for advocacy within international organizations and through the various NGO committees to which it belongs.

Advocacy Activities in 2016

Women’s rights and empowerment

Integration of migrants and refugees

Contact Information

  • Address: Dianova USA, Inc., 350 Fifth avenue, 59th Floor – New York, New York 10118 (USA)
  • Email: dianova@dianova.ngo