About us

Dianova is an international NGO which comprises associations and foundations operating in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. Dianova’s member organizations contribute to the development of individuals, communities and organizations through a variety of programmes and interventions in the social, health and humanitarian sectors.

Dianova is made up of ordinary, affiliate and associate members whose engagement is grounded in similar principles and values, however, only Dianova’s ordinary members share the same social goal, as defined in their common Vision and Mission.


The Dianova Network was officially created in 1998, on the foundations of the “Patriarch”, an association which had failed to come to grips with the new challenges of substance abuse treatment. After an important modernization process, all Dianova facilities are now officially recognized and integrated in local networks.

Mission, Vision and Values

Dianova is committed to respecting the fundamental rights, dignity and worth of all individuals. All services users must in particular be treated with dignity and consideration and receive support according to their needs and expectations.

Strategy 2020

Since its inception, the Dianova network has been committed to an ongoing process of modernization to increase its capacity to counter new and emerging challenges while keeping with its fundamentals. With these objectives in mind, a strategic plan has been defined every 4 years, the last one starting in 2016.

The Dianova Network Manifesto

the Dianova Network Manifesto Originally published in 2010 and revised in 2017, the Dianova Network Manifesto reflects Dianova’s commitment and positioning in various areas of interest to the network. It is designed to be a reference tool used for various purposes, including preparation of advocacy activities deployed by Dianova International or its members.

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