Dianova International

Dianova International (or Organisation Internationale Dianova – OID) is the Dianova network’s umbrella organization. It is composed of all members of the network, united around common values and commitment. Dianova International is governed by an assembly responsible for validating strategic orientations. The Assembly is composed of one or more representatives of each member organization.

Role and Objectives

  • Define and coordinate the network’s general policies and provide its members with assistance in the following areas: technical and financial matters, international relations, knowledge-sharing and human resources development and training.
  • Publicize the work of the Dianova Network and its members before international organizations, other NGOs and the public at large.
  • Implement advocacy initiatives to defend and promote a number of causes, including:
    • Person-centred, public health-based and gender specifi c addiction treatment and prevention activities
    • Human rights of people who use drugs, including the right to access treatment
    • Access to services tailored to the needs of people with dual pathology (addiction and mental health),
    • Gender equality and women’s empowerment in all areas,
    • Human rights of migrants and refugees in line with the United Nations Charter and implementation of national initiatives to promote their integration in the best conditions
    • Increasing role of civil society and CSOs in international organizations.

Dianova International is subject to Swiss law; its headquarters is located in Lausanne (Switzerland) and its operating unit in Castelldefels (Barcelona, Spain)

Governing Bodies

Dianova’s governing bodies comprise the Assembly of Delegates and the Assembly Council

Our Staff

Our staff are as diverse as the jobs they do but they all share a commitment to Dianova’s mission and values.

Projects we are currently working on

  1. Reducing Vulnerability to Substance Abuse, One Slum at a Time

    In the major slums of Nairobi, Kenya, substance abuse has been rising dramatically among children, youth and women, causing alarm...

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