Our Network

The Dianova network is composed of nonprofit, independent organizations dedicated to developing innovative initiatives and programs in the fields of addiction treatment and prevention, education, youth and, social and community development.

Our Approach

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Types of Membership

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Dianova Québec Inc.

Dianova Società Cooperativa Sociale

Fondation Cipresso

Fundación Dianova España

Fundazione Dianova Italia

ONG Dianova Chile



Society for the Promotion of Youth and Masses (India)

Ray of Hope


Drustvo UP


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Together, We Can Go Farther!

Why Join Dianova?

  • To make your voice heard in international forums, to achieve a critical mass and have more efficiency in fulfilling your objectives;
  • To explore opportunities to participate in projects co-financed by international organizations, along with the Dianova Network;
  • To take advantage of the Dianova Network’s awareness campaigns launched each year in the Spanish, English and French languages;
  • To enrich best practice and experience-sharing through direct contacts with the Dianova Network member organizations operating in various parts of the world;
  • To gain visibility. Associate NGOs’ activities and initiatives will be promoted in Dianova’s web site and social media and other promotional material.